UPI Who Am I Information

Our prime objective is that we would like to explore the best profiles to the world in all sectors thereby the upcoming generation(s) will recognize Who We Are.


There is no any eligibility criterion and we mainly focus on the applicant’s achievements.


It will be published quarterly in different sectors (Country wise or Field of study).

What We Expect from You

We are expecting to have your genuine profile and if we found any fake information (or) profiles, then we will take legal action against of such profiles.

Area of Focus

All the applicants must concentrate on the achievements and write in briefly about key achievements (Check Sample Biography).

Number of Pages

Try to finish in 2-4 pages and exceptional cases, you can submit more number of pages.

Other Information

English language must be clear and easily understandable to the greater audience.

Fee / Charge

There are no charges for inclusion of your profile in directory.

Note: You can also nominate your colleague (or) friends who have great achievements.