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UPI Who Am I Sample Biography

Your Name: XYZXYZ

Occupation: Editor (You can add more than 1 occupation)

Born: DD-MM-YYYY, City: XXYYZZ, Country: XXYYZZ

Email: [email protected] (It won’t be displayed)

Phone Number: 1234567890 (It won’t be displayed) 

MBBS, XXYYZZ University, Country Name, Year. Specialization: (If applicable then write here or leave it empty).

(Write qualifications one by one here)


Manager, XXYYZZ Company, Country, Year (Example: YYYY-YYYY).

(Write experiences one by one here)

Volunteer experience

Student Volunteer, Campaign name, Country, YYYY-YYYY.

Achievements (Awards, Fellowships etc)

Include all of your significant achievements here as like bellow.

Best XXYYZZ Award, XXYY Organization, YYYY (Year); Ranked Number XXYYZZ, XXYYZZ Exam, YYYY.

Leadership Activities

Student Volunteer, Campaign name, Country, Year (Example: YYYY-YYYY)

Research Activities

(You can add key research activities and roles in international scientific conferences etc)

Number of Publications: XX (Specify only digits), YYYY-YYYY; Number of Conferences attended /Participated: XX, YYYY-YYYY; Editorial Board Member: XX, YYYY-YYYY; Book Publications: XX (Specify only digits); Book Chapters: XX (Specify only digits).

Member, XXYYZZ Organization, YYYY; Secretary, XXYY Organization, YYYY etc.


You can add other achievements or any important information about you which were not specified in this template.

Social Activities

Support to any of foundations etc and your social contributions etc.



Son (or) Daughter of XXYY (Mother) and XXYY (Father) on DD-MM-YYYY (If you know date of birth then specify here otherwise leave it); Married XXYY (Your wife name, if married otherwise no need to fill this option), DD-MM-YYYY; Children(s): XXYY (Specify names here); Brother/Sister of XXYY (Add all of your brothers or sisters names here , if you don’t want then leave this option)  

Office: CBS Corp 51 W 52nd St New York NY 10019-6188 Office Phone: 212-975-4321.  


  1. You can add different sections according to your achievements and it is not restricted to only above sections.
  2. (DD-MM-YYYY indicates Date-Month-Year) (YYYY indicates Year) (YYYY-YYYY indicates FROM (Year)-TO (Year).
  3. XXYYZZ (or) XYZ etc., which we used, are just symbols for better understanding purpose.