UPI-TBP-2018-2 (Abstract)

Research Article

Emotional Intelligence - A Key to Manage Crisis: A Study among Correctional Officers of West Bengal, India

Madhabi Sarkar*, Anjali Ray

1Faculty of the Department of Psychology, Sarojini Naidu College for Women, West Bengal, India.

2Professor (Retired), Department of Applied Psychology, University of Calcutta, West Bengal, India.


The correctional officers are needed to have emotional intelligence for maintaining healthy environment in the ever-challenging high risk organizational set-up. Certain degree of emotional intelligence aids the officers to manage crisis and harness the skills that are vital for doing their job effectively and maintaining a healthy state of mind. In this regard, the present study aimed to investigate the role of emotional intelligence on crisis management of correctional officers of West Bengal correctional homes. For such purpose, data were collected from 100 correctional officers of correctional homes of West Bengal by using three tools - i) General Informational Schedule; ii) Emotional Intelligence Scale and iii) Crisis Management Strategy Questionnaire. Responses were treated for correlational analysis, regression analysis, etc. The data-based facts revealed that the emotional intelligence along with its four components had positive correlation with the crisis management strategy. The results also stated that the crisis management was successfully predicted by emotional intelligence.

Key words: Emotional intelligence, Crisis management, Correctional officers.

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