UPI-TBP-2018-1 (Abstract)

Research Article

Cognitive Ability of an Individual as Outcome of Preterm and Full Term Birth

Mahendra Balasaheb Patil*

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, V.P.S.P.M.S. Arts, Commerce & Science College, Kannad, 431103 Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.


The purpose behind this investigation is to see whether the cognitive ability of an individual is the outcome of Nature of Birth i.e. Preterm and Full term, for this investigation Purposive randomized sampling technique was employed to select the participants, sample consist of 120 adolescents, in which birth of 60 adolescents was preterm, and birth of another 60 adolescents was full term, both groups from adolescents those birth were preterm and adolescents those birth were full-term were equally classified in male and female. Cognitive ability of the individual was determined on the basis of assessment of the ability to sort information from his or her environment and selectively react to this information of Adolescents’ with the help of score obtained by Stroop Colour and Word test standardized by Charles J. Golden. Since, the proposed statistical analysis mainly consisted of descriptive and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) Using AMOS. The result obtained through the study showed that Nature of Birth i.e. Preterm Birth and Full Term Birth is the significant predictor of cognitive ability of an individual. Gender is the significant predictor of cognitive ability of an individual.

Key words: Cognitive ability, Preterm Birth, Full Term Birth.

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