UPI-RJCSIT-2018-2 (Abstract)

Research Article                                                                                    

Improving Learning in Science and Mathematics Using Interactive Computational Modelling

Ashok Koujalagi,* Manish Sharma

Post-Graduation Department of Computer Science, Basaveshwar Science College, Bagalkot, Karnataka, India.


Scientific research involves mathematical modelling in the context of an interactive balance between theory, experiment and computation. However, computational methods and tools are still far from being appropriately integrated in the high school and university curricula in science and mathematics. In this
paper, we present a new way to develop computational modelling learning activities in science and mathematics which may be fruitfully adopted by high school and university curricula. These activities may also be a valuable instrument for the professional development of teachers. Focusing on mathematical modelling in the context of physics, we describe a selection of exploratory and interactive computational modelling activities in introductory mechanics and discuss their impact on student learning of key physical and mathematical concepts in mechanics.

Key words: Information manipulation, Computation of scientific data, Scientific, Information processing, Computational modeling.

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