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Plagiarism Service

Plagiarism Service

What is Plagiarism?

It is a stealing of someone’s work(s) without giving credit. Simply, we can say that the plagiarism is an act of fraud and stealing of someone’s work in order to gain academic credit. In academia and industry, it can be considered as an ethical offence and constitute to the copyright infringement but not same as copyright infringement.


UPI’s prime objective is confidentiality of the author’s work(s) and it will never be shared with any third parties.

Why only with UPI ?

We always give first preference to the customer satisfaction. We know the importance of author’s work and we maintain the confidentiality of the submitted work(s) to the UPI. UPI’s representatives will always be in touch with the author(s) to suggest and improve the quality of the work(s) after the plagiarism detection. UPI offers continuous service till the submission of author’s work(s) to the university / institute / college for academic purpose or journals for publishing and if author(s) feel any difficulty to modify the plagiarized content, UPI will suggest the possible ways to overcome those difficulties.         

Benefits of Plagiarism Check or Detection

  • Plagiarism detection tools will help the students or researchers or teachers to stay in ethical and regulatory requirements.
  • After plagiarism check, it is easy to correct the manuscript / dissertation / thesis with great accuracy and acceptability.
  • Tools can display the matching content thereby you can compare your content with published work(s). Therefore, originality of your content will be measured.
  • Percentage of similarity will be provided and then the author(s) will have an opportunity to correct / paraphrase the content.
  • It will give the greater positive and acceptance rate to the manuscript(s) submitted to the peer reviewed journal(s) because it gives proof that your manuscript (or) content has not been plagiarized.

Few benefits are specified above and there are many more . . . .


Authors can submit their work at Online Submission System or via Email