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Being students, they must always be active. To serve students by giving them an opportunity to hone their writing skills and thinking ability, UPI has decided to organize the online competitions with free of charge. Among the participants, UPI will shortlist and announce the top 3 students for each competition.

Benefits of Winners

  • Winners of online competitions will get 15% waiver on registration charges/fee of Conference(s) or Seminar(s) or Workshop(s) organizing by UPI.
  • Winners will get the prestigious UPI’s Certificate of Excellence and it will revive their curriculum vitae (or) resume to new heights.
  • Winner’s names will be displayed under awardees section for life time. 

UPI is planning to offer rewards for winners and shortly UPI will announce the criteria for rewards.

Benefits of Participants

  • Participation is free of charge.
  • All the participants will receive a participation certificate.
  • Indirectly, these types of competitions will enhance the thinking ability and writing skills of students.
  • It also develops the skills of students to write the scientific, technical and literary papers for publishing in journals.
  • Many more . . . . . . .

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