JPMHS10 (Abstract)

Review Article

Medical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications of Enzymes

Ali M. Elshafei*

Microbial Chemistry Department, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Division, National Research Centre, 33 Elbohouth st., Dokki, 12622 Giza, Egypt.


Enzymes from different sources are specific and non-specific biological catalysts facilitating and activating appropriate reactions in cells and tissues and serve in recent years as drugs for many diseases. Errors in their biosynthesis and regulators lead to disturbances and appearance of different diseases. Three possible ways for the application of enzymes in medicine namely: in diagnosis and prognosis of diseases, as therapeutic agents and as diagnostic reagents. In this article, we give a short survey of some representative medical applications of enzymes.

Key words: Medical enzyme applications, Therapeutic enzymes, Diagnostic enzymes, Diagnosis of diseases.

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