UPI-JET-2018-7 (Abstract)

Research Article  

Performance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Reinforced with Discrete Polypropylene Fibres

N Venkata Ramana

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department, UBDT College of Engineering (Constituent College of Viswesaraya Technological University), Davangere, Karnataka, India-577004.


This article presents the compressive and split tensile strengths of Recycle Aggregate Concrete (RAC) reinforced with discrete Polypropylene (PP) fibers. In the experimental work natural coarse aggregate was replaced by recycle aggregate in the proportion of 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100%. The Polypropylene fibres (PP) were used in the recycle aggregate concrete by 1 and 2% volume.  After conduction of experiments on the cube and cylinder specimens, the results showed that, the incorporation of PP fibers increases the strengths of RAC. Few Regression Models were deduced to estimate the strengths for RAC and Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis was performed on cube and cylinder specimens to identity the stress variations in the specimens. The average result of Finite Element (FE) analysis for each specimen is checked with the experiments results and it is noticed that the variation is about 2%.

Key words: Recycled aggregate, polypropylene fibres, compressive strength, split tensile strength, regression models, FEA.

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