UPI-JET-2018-3 (Abstract)

Review Article

Information Technology in Everyday Life

Zhangissina GD*, Zhangissina AN

Almaty Financial and Legal and Technological College, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


The aim of this paper is to address the effects of Information Technology (IT) in the everyday life. IT is increasingly playing a vital role in the success of everyday life of individuals and shows impact on various sectors such as business firms, organizations, medicines. Every day people use computers for various purposes. Computers are becoming more accessible, in addition, they continue to become more powerful in the processing of information and easier to use. IT and computers will process and store the everyday aspect of the society. How it has a good impact, it also has bad impact on our everyday life. This paper will summarize the key aspects of IT and computers in different domains such as business, medicine, education, science and engineering.    

Key words: Computers, Science, Engineering, Business, Information technology.

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