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Types of Papers (UPI Journals)

Types of Papers (UPI Journals)


Editors of the UPI journals can write the Editorial(s) on variety of topics of their interest with not more than 4 pages.

Outline of the Paper: It mayn’t contain abstract, key words, conclusions. 

Letters to the Editor

It is an open post publication review of published papers, therefore, readers can write letters to the editor.

Outline of the Paper: It shouldn’t contain abstract and also there is no need of sections or subsections.

Research Paper(s)

It must be innovative work/study supported by significant data developed by the authors. From the obtained data, conclusions must be drawn.

Outline of the Paper: It can include sections such as abstract, key words, introduction, experimental / methods, results and discussion, conclusions, acknowledgement (optional), conflict of interest and references.

Review Paper(s)

Authors must concentrate on the topics possessing broad scope and should attract the greater audience. Authors may consider the published information but it shouldn’t replicate the information. It must give an overview and comprehensive coverage of the topic(s) and can be represented with images or figures for clear and easy understanding of the topic(s).  

Outline of the Paper: It can include sections such as abstract, key words, introduction, text body, conclusion, and references.

Short Communications

Special methods with applications in respective departments or brief study of any method with not more than 10 pages.

Outline of the Paper: It can include sections such as abstract, keywords, text body, conclusion and references.


Readers can write a comment or opinion on newly published articles. Readers can consider the minimal data from original article and are encouraged to consider the literature data.

Outline of the Paper: It is not required to follow any particular outline. 

Case studies

It should describe the particular technology or surgical methods or equipment(s) or applications and supported by original data obtained during the process of method development or technology or applications. 

Outline of the Paper: It may have abstract, key words, text body and conclusion.