Reviewer Guidelines (UPI Journals)

UPI follows double blind peer review process for manuscripts submitted to the UPI journals for publication.

Selection of Reviewers

Editor-In-Chief of respective journal will select the reviewers by considering their expertise in specific research area. By the suggestions from the Editor-In-Chief of the journal, UPI will send an invitation letter to the reviewers which consist of abstract of submitted manuscript and questionnaire to know reviewer’s willingness and availability to review the manuscript. Upon receiving acceptance from the reviewers, UPI will send a full manuscript to the reviewers along with reviewer comment/evaluation form. This entire peer review process is kept confidential between the editorial office of the journal and reviewers. We ensure that reviewers shouldn’t disclose about the manuscript at any cost around the globe except with editorial team.

Reviewers must consider the following and state their comments in reviewer evaluation / comments form.

  • Check for originality of results i.e. plagiarism and earlier published work related to the submitted work.
  • Methodology and experimental analysis: Experimental methods followed should be cited with appropriate references. Experimental methods and analysis should meet the technical standards. Data must be presented systematically, logically and conclusions should be drawn from that data.
  • Presentation of statistical data: It must reach the technical standards and should be presented in logical and understandable way. Statistical graphs might be expected, wherever applicable, because of quick understanding of the data.
  • Language composition and ethical considerations: Entire manuscript should be written in English language which must be clear, concise, and easily understandable without grammatical errors. Ethical considerations and other things to be considered for review specified under editorial policies.