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Publication Charges (UPI Journals)

Publication Charges (UPI Journals)

UPI is self-dependent and self-supporting organization and it is not receiving any funds from external sources / institutions / organizations and Government. As we know that it is very expensive to handling of papers and maintenance of published papers in reputed databases or online repositories. UPI associated journals are following the open access publishing process, therefore, UPI is not earning anything from the articles subscription because of all the published articles are freely available in online. Hence, in order to maintain the standards and online database for published articles, UPI charges the following publication fee on accepted manuscript(s).

UPI is not charging for processing of manuscripts and author(s) has/have to pay publication charges after acceptance of manuscript. Members of UPI will get the benefits according to their membership category and other than the members of UPI, the following charges will be applicable on accepted manuscripts.

*Service Tax (GST), if applicable.

Note: For authors from low-income countries ( (or) lower-middle-income countries ( as classified by the World Bank, a 50% discount of the article processing fee can be granted. Please send the request form to

UPI gives the prior preference to the quality of the work / study but not for money. UPI review team will express the quality of manuscript by UPI grading system and based on the grade of manuscript, those will get the waiver on publication charges upto 90%.

UPI Grading System

Note: All accepted papers will get guaranteed waiver.