UPI-JMB-2018-5 (Abstract)

Research Article

On Effects of Shear Deformation and Rotatory Inertia on Deflection of Rectangular Elastic Plate under Moving Load

Agarana Michael C

Department of Mathematics, Covenant University, Nigeria.

Department of Mechanical Engineering Science, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.



This paper considers the effects of both shear deformation and rotatory inertia on the deflection of an elastic rectangular plate resting on a foundation under the influence of uniform partially distributed moving load. The dimensionless dynamic equations governing such system were transformed to its algebraic form using numerical method. The resulting square matrices were solved and analyzed using computer software namely Octave. The results obtained are in line with ones in the literature. The presence of Shear deformation makes the plate to have higher response maximum amplitude when compared to Kirchoff plate.

Key word: Shear deformation, Rotatory inertia, Elastic rectangular plate, MATLAB.

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