UPI-JMB-2018-1 (Abstract)

Research Article (Funded Research) 

Convexity on Fractal Sets

Teodoro Lara1*, Nelson Merentes2, Edgar Rosales1, Rainier Sanchez3

1Departamento De FiSica Y Matematicas, Universidad De Los Andes, Trujillo, Venezuela.

2Universidad Central de Venezuela. Escuela de matematicas, Caracas, Venezuela.

3Universidad Politecnica Territorial del Oeste de Sucre, Cumana, Venezuela.



In this research we address convexity of functions on fractal sets; these types of functions are named generalized convex functions on fractal sets. Our results deal with algebraic properties, boundedness and lipschitzity of this class of functions.

Key words: Convexity, Fractal set, Mass function, α-type set.

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