UPI-JBMCA-2018-3 (Abstract)

Review Article 

The Role of Competency Mapping in Human Resource Management

D. Swaroopa

Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Geethanjali Institute of Science and Technology, SPSR Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.


The main objective of the business is to getting the profit and there are many driving forces effects to maximize profits: a rapidly expanding market place, diversity among customers, increasing competition, availability of new technology, new innovative methods. A skilled and committed workforce is required to compete in today’s fast, global marketplace. Only those organizations that are able to engage such manpower will sustain in the market. This is possible only through the COMPETENCE of the human resources. Today’s workforce is better educated and more affluent. Human potential and its development are by providing a suitable and congenial environment. Competency mapping is an important resource in this environment, and is an addition to knowledge management and learning organization initiatives. Competency refers to the intellectual, managerial, social and emotional competency. Competencies are derived from specific job families within the organization and are often grouped around categories such as strategy, relationships, innovation, leadership, risk-taking, decision making, emotional intelligence, etc. Hence, this paper is concentrated on the role of competency mapping in human resource management to get the acceptable profits. 

Key words: Competence, Workforce, Competency mapping, Training, Development.

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