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Publication Charges

Publication Charges

Scheme of Publication


*Manufacturing costs + Any taxes, if applicable and it is not selling value of book in market (selling value is more than that of author cost). 

All the published books available as print on demand. 


  • Author royalty will be paid quarterly and minimum payout should be Rs. 500 INR. Author royalties fall under Goods and Services Tax (GST) and royalties are taxable at 12%.
  • UPI is a legal entity and registered under GST with 37BALPV2944Q1ZN (GSTIN). GST will be applied wherever it applicable.
  • After 250 pages, addition of every 50 pages, author(s) should pay 200 INR / 25 USD / 18 GBP / 21 EURO.
  • Certificate will be provided only to the corresponding author and if co-author(s) required the certificate(s), then it will be charged 250 INR / 53 GBP / 61 EURO + postal charges.
  • If more than 4 author(s) contributes the book(s), UPIBP will offer special scheme (contact us at Live Chat Feature (see right side, bottom of your screen) or send via Email 


Other Add on(s) for Book(s)

If author(s) require(s) color pages and/or color images, It will be charged as 350 INR / 13 USD /  11 EURO / 10 GBP per Color image.

UPIBP has reserved rights to change the fee / charges periodically.