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Publication Charges

UPIBP is a constituent unit of KVRSS Group and this group offers all services for FREE OF CHARGE except few services (Plagiarism Check, Proofread/Editing Services) where we are taking services from other service provider (3rd party).

Members of KVRSS Group and MoU (it is free) taken Universities/Institutions/Companies/Colleges are eligible for customized support and they can utilize all our services at predefined benefits.

Publication Charges

UPIBP always will look for quality content and never compels for money. Authors can publish unlimited number of books/book chapters for FREE OF CHARGE but QUALITY OF THE CONTENT decides the successful publishing of books/book chapters and also there are NO ANY HIDDEN CHARGES.

Author Royalties

For Members Of KVRSS Group (Members & MoU Bodies)

UPIBP provides 50% ROYALTY to authors who are members/MoU bodies of KVRSS Group.

For Non-Members Of KVRSS Group

UPIBP provides 25% ROYALTY to authors who are Non-Members of KVRSS Group.


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