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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

As used in this Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), UPI, we, us and our means Unique Pub International and you or your or they shall mean individuals or clients or customers accessing content or taking services of UPI or service providers such as companies or organizations or  individuals to the UPI. 

UPI provides the scientific services to students, researchers and teaching faculty where they can publish their research work(s) by paying necessary amount after acceptance.


  • UPI is not at all responsible for content of the work(s) submitted by student(s)/researcher(s)/teaching faculty.
  • UPI is responsible only for the content added from UPI side in book and journal publications.
  • For detailed terms and conditions of journals, check at editorial policies of the journal(s).
  • For detailed terms and conditions of book publications, check at editorial policies of book publisher.
  • For detailed terms and conditions of memberships, check at respective type of membership.
  • For any further information, check at respective portal.

Service Providers to the UPI

We have collaboration with some other companies or organizations or any other, if they failed to give their service or giving improper service, then UPI will charge or send the notice with fine up to 100 times to that of our expenditure during improper service. It means, UPI’s expenditure will be calculated based on all activities (Employees salaries etc) and we will calculate per minute.  Time will be calculated from improper service to proper service we received from those service providers. 

UPI’s prime responsibility is customer satisfaction, hence, we have implemented above strict rules and regulations.