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Roles (MoU)

Roles of KVRSS Group

  • KVRSS Group shall provide all scientific services to students / faculty / researchers of INSTITUTION with the waiver or customized pricing.
  • KVRSS Group shall support the INSTITUTION for scientific symposiums / conferences / seminars / workshops which may be national or international and it may be chargeable for services with the mutual understanding.
  • KVRSS Group shall take or organize training classes for students / faculty of INSTITUTION, if INSTITUTION request experts in that particular area.
  • KVRSS Group shall take up the academic projects offered by INSTITUTION with the mutual understanding.
  • KVRSS Group shall offer the services to INSTITUTION such as Journal Publishing, Proof Reading for Dissertation or Thesis / Manuscripts of Students / Faculty, Events Organization, Book Publishing, Plagiarism Check Service, Resume/CV Making Service, eLearning System, University or institutional Media House, and other upcoming services.
  • In case of any new service being introduced by the KVRSS Group in future that will also come under this MoU upon mutual understating.
  • KVRSS Group shall offer technical support to INSTITUTION for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) / Any Plagiarism Check Software(s) needed etc upon the request.
  • KVRSS Group shall follow the strict criteria for review process of manuscripts and same will be followed for INSTITUTION.
  • KVRSS Group shall provide the technical support like developemnt of softwares, websites, web hosting or any other requirement where the technology or the software needs to be developed upon the mutual understanding.
  • KVRSS Group shall provide the support in setting of university or institutional level media house and live streaming of events upon mutual understanding.
  • KVRSS Group shall provide the profile management like biodata management, etc for the INSTITUTION.
  • KVRSS Group shall provide the access to the latest information like education related news, question papers, job related news, etc as well as to media platform.
  • KVRSS Group shall provide the support in designing of brochures, booklets, publicity posters, stickers, etc and also provide the stationary like customized T-Shirts, bags, etc upon mutual understanding.   


  • INSTITUTION shall provide all the necessary information during the setup of necessary login credentials for INSTITUTION (or) for confirmation of Faculty / Students / any other.
  • INSTITUTION shall allocate the time and schedule for training sessions providing by the KVRSS Group.
  • INSTITUTION shall provide facilities for implementation without charging anything from the KVRSS Group when organizing the seminars / conferences / workshops etc in INSTITUTION. However, normal functioning of the INSTITUTION shall not be disturbed and if any purchases needed for that, it’s the responsibility of KVRSS Group when conference / seminar / workshop or any other activities organizing by KVRSS Group.
  • INSTITUTION shall appoint a person for the discussion of any service needed from the KVRSS Group.

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