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How to Get ? (MoU)

Now it's very easy to take MoU with KVRSS Group.  

We have two simple processes: 1. Offline MoU Application, 2. Online MoU Application. 

Offline MoU Application

If you would like to go with Offline MoU Application, download the Offline MoU Application available under MoU Application  section. While filling of application, strictly follow the guidelines and attach the filled application at [email protected] or [email protected]

Online MoU Application

It is very easy, time saving method and also recommended. Click on MoU Application and select the "Online MoU Application" followed by submit the application after giving the necessary information. 

After Submission Of Application, What Will Happen?

Don't worry!! One of KVRSS Group representatives will contact you within 24 hours (During Office hours within 30 min) of its (application) submission and if we need any further information, we will ask you.

After fulfilling the KVRSS Group MoU criteria, we will approve your application and same will be communicated to you with the deatils of benefits. Thereafter, you can feel proud to say that your institution have taken MoU with KVRSS Group and also you can bring unlimited number of benefits to your Institution/Organization/College/University.  

Still if you have any queries, visit our Knowledge Hub (KH) .