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Benefits (MoU)

Institution/University Benefits

  • No need to take institutional membership and we also offer special membership scheme for students/working professionals of MoU College/Institute/University. For membership types, kindly check at MoU Memberships .   
  • MoU taken University/Institute has reserved Flat 15% waiver on all types of services, wherever applicable. 
  • Krishna University has also reserved 15% waiver on the fee of all types of memberships.
  • Support to their scientific events / any other scientific programs and academic activities.
  • Single scheme (Scheme I only applicable) for book publishing (irrespective of number of authors).
  • Krishna University can expect customized support and pricing from the KVRSS Group.


  • During the validity of membership, you can publish unlimited number of papers but UPI won't compromise in quality of the paper content.
  • Student MoU memebrs: Flat 15% waiver on all types of our services, wherever applicable.
  • Working Professional Member: Flat 20% waiver on all types of our services, wherever applicable. 
  • Special membership Schemes for the students or working professionals of MoU taken colleges/institutes/universities.
  • For more benefits, visit our official membership portal

Unique Pub International (UPI)

  • Support to their scientific events/any other scientific programs and any academic activities.
  • Publish unlimited number of books/book chapters!
  • Publish unlimited number of papers in our Journals .
  • Flat 15% waiver on all types of services, wherever applicable. 
  • Visit our Unique Pub International 

KVR Book Central

  • Members are eligible to get 50% author royalty on book(s) sale price when compared to non members with 25% royalty.  
  • Authors (not members) from the MoU taken Institutes / Universities can expect 30% author royalty. 
  • Free Sign Up and you can access the platform for free as well as you can also donate or sell your books or used books on this platform without paying anything to this platform.
  • Visit our KVR Book Central .  


  • You can create your profile (biodata) on this platform.
  • You can design, and download the biodata or resume however you want and whenever you want. 
  • You can store documents, create Virtual ID, ask queries, post important info, chat box, etc and there are many innovative features. 
  • You can access this platform without paying anything to us. 
  • Visit our eProfilePedia .  


This platform provides the latest information in education sector as well as some other breaking news. Few of the features available on this platform are "you can get the information on admissions, question papers, notifications, results, expert's interviews, etc." You can have a free access to this platform without paying anything to us. 

Visit our UPI QP BANK .  


  • You will have waiver as per the membership type and any other benefits.
  • Free access to eLearning system.
  • You can manage your courses on this platform.
  • Specific locking system to your courses and only your students can access those courses.
  • There are many other customized benefits and pricing structure for MoU taken institutes or universities. 
  • Visit our KVR e ACADEMY  

KVR Mass Media

  • Publishes news papers and magazines.
  • Free advertising on our platform!
  • Visit our KVR Mass Media .

KVR Cloud Technologies

  • Expertised in development of websites and various softwares.
  • MoU taken institute or university has reserved flat 15% waiver on all types of services under KVR Cloud Technologies except where we are taking third (3rd) party services like GSuite (Google), Office 365 (Microsoft), etc.
  • Visit our KVR Cloud Technologies .

KVR Creatives

  • Provides designing service for Free!
  • Provides various types of stationary products like office stamos, brochures, booklets, etc but we can not provide flat discount or waiver on stationary products but we will provide any number of quantity irrespective of minimum quantity to be ordered.
  • Provides flat 15% on video making.
  • Visit our KVR Creatives .


  • It is a modern indexing body of journals and books or book chapters.
  • We will provide indexing service for your journals and books or book chapters.
  • Visit our KVR ADI V . 

NOTE: There is no restriction to take membership by students/working professionals from MoU Colleges/Institutes/Universities who do not want waiver on services but still MoU Colleges/Institutes/Universities can utilise our free resources like course management on KVR e ACADEMY, eProfilePedia, etc.

Still if you have any queries, visit our Knowledge Hub (KH) .