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Roles (MoU)

Roles (MoU)

Role of UPI

  • UPI shall provide all scientific services to students / faculty / researchers of INSTITUTION with waiver.
  • UPI shall support the INSTITUTION for scientific symposiums / conferences / seminars / workshops which may be national or international and it may be chargeable for services with mutual understanding.
  • UPI shall take or organize training classes for students / faculty of INSTITUTION, if INSTITUTION requests experts in that particular area.
  • UPI shall take up the academic projects offered by INSTITUTION upon agreement.
  • UPI shall offer the services to INSTITUTION such as Journal Publishing, Proof Reading for Dissertation or Thesis / Manuscripts of Students / Faculty, Events Organization, Book Publishing, Plagiarism Check Service, Resume/CV Making Service and other upcoming services.
  • In case of any new service being introduced by UPI in future that will also come under this MoU upon mutual understanding.
  • UPI shall offer technical support to INSTITUTION for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) / Any Plagiarism Software(s) needed etc upon request.
  • UPI shall follow the strict criteria for review of manuscripts and same will be followed for INSTITUTION.


  • Head of the Institution / Principal / Head of the Department shall provide necessary information during setup of necessary login credentials for INSTITUTION (or) for confirmation of Faculty / Students / any other.
  • Head of the Institution / Principal / Head of the Department of INSTITUTION shall allocate time and schedule for training sessions on the usage of the services offered by UPI.
  • INSTITUTION shall provide facilities for implementation without charging anything from the UPI when organizing seminars / conferences / workshops etc in INSTITUTION. However, normal functioning of the INSTITUTION shall not be disturbed and if any purchases needed for that, it’s the responsibility of UPI when conference / seminar / workshop or any other activities organizing by UPI.
  • INSTITUTION shall appoint a person for discussion of any service needed with UPI as a College / Institution / University Representative.