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Memberships (MoU)

Memberships (MoU)


1. MoU Student Membership

  • All the students of MoU College / Institute / University are eligible to apply for this membership.
  • It is valid upto completion of their degree / post-graduation degree and upon completion of their studies in that MoU College / Institute / University, membership will be withdrawn or expired. 

Note: PhD students will be considered for Working Professional Membership. They may expect some waiver on membership fee and Contact UPI Membership department (Check mail ID under Contact Us)  

2. MoU Working Professional Membership

  • Working professionals of MoU College / Institute / University are eligible to apply for this membership.
  • It is valid for life time. It won't be expired even if they moved from MoU College / Institute / University to non MoU College / Institute / University and in this case, they can get the benefits of UPI Life Membership. 

Membership Fee

*The above fee includes 18% GST and no extra charges will be applied. 


  • During the validity of membership, you can publish unlimited number of papers but UPI won't compromise in quality of the paper content.
  • Members have reserved 15% waiver on all types of services offered by UPI. 
  • For members from MoU Colleges / Institutes / Universities, Scheme-I (Publication Fee) is applicable for book publishing irrespective of number of authors.  
  • All the authors in manuscript must be members of UPI to get 100% waiver on journal publication charges and it is relaxable for the supervisors of that project. 
  • If 3 authors are specified in manuscript and only one author is a member of UPI but remaining two authors are not members of UPI. In such cases, it is chargeable for non-members of UPI and extra charges will be communicated to the corresponding author of the manuscript upon acceptance (nominal charges will be applicable).