Delivery and Shipping Policy

As we used in this Delivery and Shipping Policy, Words “We” (or) “Our” (or) “Us” (or) “Company” (or) “Organization” shall mean the “KVR Scientific Services” and/or “KVRSS” and/or “KVRSS Group” and/or “Unique Pub International” and/or “UPI”. Any references to “You” (or) “Your” (or) “User” (or) “Client” (or) “Customer” (or) “Buyer” shall mean any person (or) entity using our Platform.

We don’t have any collaboration with delivery agencies and we will use/contact different delivery agencies/services based on the destination of the good(s) to be delivered. This is because we are offering services internationally and no delivery and shipping agency offers their services throughout the world properly! It means it is not possible to ship goods to each and every part of the world by one delivery agency. Therefore, depends on the destination point, we will use the best delivery service to avoid the delay in delivery of goods to our customers/users/clients. After shipping of goods, you will be notified via email with expected time of delivery to you (Note: Sometimes, it may take more time than that of expected time).

Our prime objective is “we will try to have friendly and healthy communication with our customers/users/clients. In case of any failure delivery, don’t worry, upon confirmation, we will ship one more good/book/book chapter to your destination but remember it may take some time to get final confirmation from delivery agencies.”

In case of false claim by customers/users/clients about delivery of good(s) even though those successfully delivered, we will proceed with legal action. In this case, the fine (penalty) amount covers the price of goods, its shipping charges and money spent for legal action etc. This total amount will be collected from the customers/users/clients who tried to cheat us by false claiming.


In case of hard copies, we will ship your good(s)/book(s) within 48 hours after receiving an order. (Note: Because of print on demand scheme, it may take more time than that of the expected time of shipping but same will be communicated to you).

In case of PDF (or) Soft copies of certificates/eBooks, those will be delivered to you via email within 2 business days and sometimes it may get delayed to deliver via email because of technical issues, if exist.

Delivery Of Books

Books will be delivered throughout the world by contacting/utilizing the services of various delivery agencies.

Delivery Of eBooks  

eBook in UPI means “books which are published by UPI and available as electronic version (PDF) of book. Upon receipt of order, eBooks will be delivered in 2 business days via email and sometimes, it may get delayed because of technical issues, if exist. In case of any technical/other issues, if it is getting delayed, then the same will be communicated to you via email.