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About Us

Unique Pub International (UPI) is a self dependent and self supporting organization, offering its services internationally. It is a well distinguished and world’s renowned open access publisher and service provider around the globe. All these services along with double blind peer review process make a successful publishing of quality researches. The motto of UPI includes aiding every researcher in authenticating their work (or) research in an economical way with very nominal cost and disseminating their work which furnishes them a professional identity around the globe.  UPI will offer full waiver on authentication fee for researchers from undeveloped nations as our prime mission is not the monetary benefit. Because of the open access scheme of UPI, large number of researchers and scientists might get motivated to share their research knowledge periodically, thereby, having advancement in research. There is a strong emphasis on UPI to become a right platform for discussions, innovations, research and all scholastic pursuits.

UPI maintains international standards while providing its services, advocating high quality. UPI’s motivation includes making such scholastic services at the right front of every individual i.e. easily accessible. UPI is a multifaceted, resourceful, all-purpose, easy to use platform offering following services.